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Welcome to China Electronics Corporation

Think Global, Act Local.


CEC is a specialist in contract manufacturing with capability to propose the popular and common material locally with equivalent function met in lower cost to customers from different countries to bring value added.

All of our operations adhere to ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. Each item undergoes strict quality control inspections - from raw materials to finished products. CEC also pays a lot of attention to teaching the company's principles with respect to logistics, quality and engineering, with particular focus on customer orientation. Every employee understands the importance of providing the customer superior quality which will guide and will steer us to the best path for upgrading and achieving our desired goals, both individually and as a team. Well-trained qualified employees with multi-skills gives the flexibility in production management.

The most highly skilled and experienced professionals in the industry are assembled at CEC to provide the best technical expertise available. Our expert professionals provide you with outstanding quality, precision and speed of service. CEC responds quickly and decisively to your needs. Our team work with you to understand your program’s exact requirements, and we take pride in completing your products on time and within budget for the finest quality and service.

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